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> Trading education

It is well known that trading courses are unreasonably overpriced and that content quality may even be questionable.

We take pride in offering high quality, accessible, and honest trading education.

> Bloom instructor and founder

Mohsen Hassan

For the past 9 years, he has been heavily immersed in every aspect of trading. He has worked with a multitude of successful traders, proprietary trading groups, Hedge funds and Banks. He has filled several positions ranging from a discretionary trader, automated trader, quant, risk manager and programmer.


He has backtested, automated and traded strategies ranging from long-term to High-Frequency black boxes that have been collocated near the exchange. He has developed advanced knowledge in every area of trading and is considered an expert in the area of market microstructure and automation.

"My aim with Bloom is to create a no-nonsense environment

where like minded traders can exchange and be competitive in the market"

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