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> Free community chatroom (Discord)

Bloom has created a completely free chat room, recently moved from Telegram to Discord, in which traders from all across the world exchange with each other.  We ask that you please read the below rules before entering our free chat room (link below).

Community chat room rules:

1. Search and research, be relevant, and contribute. 

This is a community built by and for like minded traders across the world. In a fast moving support environment, it is paramount that you contribute to the relevance and effectiveness of the community by:

Research before engagingbefore asking a question in the group chat (you are expected to have a least checked the following: Google and available documentation, Udemy Q&A, Search the Bloom Discord chat room to see if the answer is somewhere already)

Being relevant & contributing. We ask that everyone contribute, but still remain relevant (please do not ask questions without purpose for others).

2. Be respectful of one another.

This goes without saying. There is zero tolerance for the use of foul language and  abusive or immature behavior. Anyone engaging in such a manner will be automatically banned.

3. No affiliate links, no scams.

You are free to share any type of information on the group chat (even if it is a good or service they must pay for), however, no affiliate links or scam/fraudulent links or references will be permitted on the website. Those sharing such information will be automatically banned. 

4. Bloom is not responsible for the contents therein.

Disclaimer: please note that Bloom, it's founder Mohssen Hassan, or any group admin are not responsible for the contents shared on the Discord free group chat. The purpose is to create a place for like minded traders to exchange. All content on Bloom's free chat room are for information purposes only. The information or strategies shared therein are in no way to be considered without risks or to be considered as investment advice. Trading involves substantial risk and potential for loss, please consider additional research, your level of experience and your capital before acting. 

Click the below link to enter the community chat room (leaving towards Discord):

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